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Interblind Shutters Specializes in Custom Window Coverings & Window Treatments in San Diego

We are a company founded in 1990; with years of experience in the Window Coverings industry in Northwest Mexico, Southern California, and Arizona. We have become a benchmark for the manufacture blinds and awnings. We currently have two manufacturing plants and three sales offices strategically located for customer service.
We have kept up to date with the most important advances in the industry of marketing and innovation of our products, such as automated systems and intelligent systems. Our business model is based on service, quality, and innovation, which we have been incorporating into the entire work chain of our products, this makes us responsible for their manufacture to delivery, and installation.
As a binational company, we operate on both sides of the border, offering comprehensive business structures and customer service. Collaborating with associates, suppliers, and installers, we leverage our expertise to help clients achieve their goals. Specializing in manufacturing blinds and awnings, we excel in fitting even the most challenging specialty shaped windows with a variety of styles to enhance their beauty.
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Choosing a local business for your window treatments is a smart move because we know the area and the climate so our designers can help you with all of your window treatment solutions. Coastal homes and businesses receive a lot of late afternoon sun that is magnified by the Pacific Ocean to be very hot in the summer. We realize this and we can offer you many different solutions to block out the hot UV rays. We also specialize in specialty shaped windows that other companies may think are hard to fit with window treatments. We can help you to highlight these gorgeous windows with many types and styles of window coverings

At Interblind Shutters, our mission is to offer our customers the best selection of high-quality and innovative blinds and shutters. We have the experience and infrastructure to distinguish ourselves from others. Our aim is to satisfy the needs and tastes of our clients, providing elegance, privacy and functionality. We have put together a team of trained professionals to achieve our goal.

To be a world-class leader in the manufacture of blinds and shutters, providing our customers an unmatched experience with each of our products. Striving everyday to offer the best service and make our customers feel valued.

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