Interblind Shutters

Roller Shades

Ideal for a commercial and residential environment.

Custom roller shades give you literally thousands of different styles, fabrics, and textures from which to choose. We can create Intelligent Window Coverings, whether light-filtering with a lacey appearance or a thicker luxurious fabric for room darkening. Fabric window treatments add texture and depth to any window in your home or business.

Offers a modern touch, easy maintenance, and automation available.

Our expert designers in San Diego can help you to choose the perfect fabric to address all of your needs in a roller shade. We have literally thousands of different types, colors and patterns from which you can choose. We can also add embellishments and trim to make you an exciting window covering.


They filter the light, moderate temperature, and allow you to see outside, giving you a spacious feeling.
PLAYInterblind Shutters


Completely blocks light, giving total privacy to your home.
PLAYInterblind Shutters


They allow a sutil light in to your home, offering you privacy and elegance.
PLAYInterblind Shutters


Ideal for outdoor areas and patios, protecting them from the sun and natural elements.
PLAYInterblind Shutters

Intelligent Window Coverings


We made a simpler and smarter way to illuminate your life every day. At Interblinds Shutters, we offer you a new way of controlling the light, with the ease of operating the blinds individually or in groups. This can be through remote control, Smartphone, or Tablet, and now you can integrate this into a smart assistant. With this, you will control your blinds by requesting them with your voice. Explore the convenience of Intelligent Window Coverings.
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