We are pleased to introduce our collection of products, which is the result of a persistent effort to select the most innovative collections with materials of the highest quality, satisfying the preferences of demanding and sophisticated customers today. We appreciate the trust placed in us, we are fully committed to the complete satisfaction of your purchase.

What does our warranty cover?

Blinds and Awnings:  5 years.
Shutters: Stain 3 years, Paint 5 years.
Motorization: 5 years

After 1 year, the cost per inspection for Home Warranty will cost $ 30.00 plus additional charges depending on the city.

Now, what is not covered by our warranty?

  • Accidents

  • Alterations

  • Pet damage / Insects

  • Exposure to moisture

  • Extraordinary uses

  • Improper cleaning

  • Inappropriate use

Motorized Systems caused by:

  • Poor lubrication of moving parts

  • Hits

  • Misuse

  • Humidity

  • Electric Shock

  • Open its mechanism

The following expenses are not covered by warranty:

  • Re-measure

  • Reinstall

  • Shipments (Return to the factory and re-sent to the destination)

Immediately report any damage caused by improper transport or packaging, if you receive damaged goods do not accept it and immediately report the incident. If you accept the merchandise and report it after you have received it, there will be no warranty validation.

What will we do?

If they find damage due to manufacturing and / or quality defects:

  • We will repair your product.

  • We will replace your product.

  • We will cover the cost of the product.

Do not send the product without prior authorization, we are not responsible for the product sent.