Interblind Shutters

Wood, insulating material by nature. Wood is the most versatile natural material that exists. In addition, it stands out for its intrinsic properties that make it the best natural thermal and acoustic insulator. This material is characterized by the fact that wood is a material that offers insulation by itself. This is due to its lack of free electrons, which are responsible for the transmission of energy.
Also, wood is a porous body that stores air inside. This makes wood an excellent thermal insulator, much more effective than any other material used in construction. Not only this, but all types of wood offer the property of being an unbeatable acoustic insulator, much more than any synthetic material. Its porosity is key here, since it’s pores absorb the mechanical energy carried by sound waves. The sound waves are transformed by the wood into heat. This is why wood frames are the best choice if you want to change the windows in your home.
Wood is attacked for being vulnerable to moisture, and this is not entirely true. When properly treated, in addition to being free of defects, wood is capable of absorbing or releasing moisture into the environment. This peculiarity helps to purify the environment and maintain an optimum humidity level.
Many people think that thermal insulation is a winter thing and that by turnings the heat on they are protected. However, this is a mistake because a correct thermal insulation is just as important in the summer months as in the winter months and represents an enormous energy saving. The main objective of this type of insulation is to keep the rooms of the home at the desired temperature and prevent temperature changes from influencing the interior. There are many buildings and homes that are not built with insulating materials, so the fastest way to improve insulation is to change the windows and opt for wood frames windows. The thermal characteristics of wood create temperate environments: warm in winter and cooler in summer. In short, the thermal and acoustic properties of wood improve the quality of life.
Similarly, we can think of the ecological benefits of its use, which are many:
Thinking about its application in the construction and decoration of our homes, the list goes on: